Guests from New York.

It was first time to visit Japan that’s why traditional city ‘Kyoto’ was the main part in our journey, they said.

Kyoto’s main attraction for tourists is the large number of temples and shrines.

There are over 2000 sites and many of them are UNESCO heritage sites.

They were looking forward to see Fushimiinari, Kiyomizu temple and other places in their stay.

They love nature and history so visiting temple and shrine would be great.

Kyoto Sake tasting at KONDO Museum:RYUSUI

KONDO Museum:RYUSUI offer Sake experience with 5 kinds of Japanese Sake and selected Kyoto appetizer.

Differences in Brewer’s rice, water, the way of produce creates rich flavor and taste of Sake.

Sake experience show you various ways to Enjoy Sake (temperature, vessels, pairing etc).

Once you understands variety of Sake, it helps you find your preference.

We would like you to enjoy rich and special experience of Sake.

Thank you very much for visiting us at KONDO Museum : Ryusui.

It is our great pleasure to share the beauty of Japanese art and culture through works of Kondo family.

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11:00-18:00 近藤悠三記念館:柳水にて